DIARY#2 (15′, 2013), by Adina Pintilie, produced by MANEKINO FILM in association with BINGER FILMLAB Amsterdam, won the ZONTA Award at OBERHAUSEN International Short Film Festival (Germany, 02-07.05.2013).

JURY STATEMENT: “Created as an experimental set-up between actress and director, the film feels its way into the memories and physicality of its protagonist. Looks, gestures and smells combine to form a narrative of great beauty. The tension between desire and fulfillment is sketched through the history of a body; a slow affirmation of the sensual present moment begins. This set-up of a documentary-fictional improvisation has a lasting effect.”

Now at its 59th edition, the OBERHAUSEN International Short Film Festival is one the oldest European short film festivals and one of the major international crossroads for short form, particularly well known for its spotlight on experimentation. In the course of more than five decades, filmmakers and artists ranging from Roman Polanski to Chantal Ackerman, from George Lucas to Cate Shortland, have presented their first works here. Oberhausen International Short Film Festival is officially accredited by FIAPF (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films) since 1960.

DIARY#2 was filmed within BINGER FILMLAB Amsterdam, as part of the research for the feature film project TOUCH ME NOT, by Adina Pintilie, project selected in Cinefondation Atelier – Cannes Film Festival 2012, winner of ARTE France Award in Cinemart Rotterdam 2011 and of the Main Production Award in Torino Filmlab 2011. TOUCH ME NOT is a Romanian French German coproduction, whose shooting is planned for 2014. DIARY #2 was realized under the inspiring guidance of the BINGER FILMLAB advisors: Marten Rabarts, Molly Malene Stensgaard, Franz Rodenkirchen, Arne Bro, Ian Sellar, Judith Weston, Bianca Taal.
The screening in the International Competition of OBERHAUSEN was DIARY#2′s international premiere. The festival promotion of the film is supported by the Romanian National Cinema Center.

Adina Pintilie is a Romanian filmmaker, recent graduate from the National University of Drama and Film Bucharest, Directing Department. At the border between fiction, documentary and visual art, her work is very particular in the new Romanian cinema landscape, through a highly personal visual style, the courage to experiment in cinematic language and the deep exploration of the human psyche. In 2007, her medium length DON’T GET ME WRONG was premiered in Locarno 2007 Filmmakers of the Present Competition, included in IDFA Amsterdam 2007 – Best of Fests selection, awarded Golden Dove Best Documentary Award at Dok Leipzig 2007 and selected/awarded in international film festivals like: Thessaloniki, Montpellier, Trieste, Namur, Munchen, Moscow, Sarajevo, Warszaw, Krakow etc. Her last medium length, OXYGEN, was screened in Tiger Awards Short Film Competition of Rotterdam 2010, Buenos Aires BAFICI, Montpellier, Thessaloniki, Warszaw, Bilbao etc. Her previous short, SANDPIT#186, co-directed together with George Chiper, was selected in Locarno 2008, Author’s Shorts section and won the Runner Up Award in Miami IFF and Special Mention in Trieste IFF.

Creative team:
Director/Scriptwriter/Editor: ADINA PINTILIE
Director of photography: BIRGIT MOLLER
Sound design: TUDOR PETRE
Produced by: MANEKINO FILM
Associate producers: BINGER FILMLAB & DIGITAL CUBE